St. Francis of Assisi New Orleans Wedding with Vivian and Joseph

St. Francis of Assisi New Orleans Wedding with Vivian and Joseph

“Our Story by Vivian

Joe and I met in optometry school back in 2012. It wasn’t love at first sight; in fact it was the total opposite. Joe stayed true to his promise that he wouldn’t get distracted while in school so he mainly kept to himself. I’m a social butterfly, so I made sure to have fun with new friends and make the best of the next 4 years. A week before Thanksgiving, my beloved grandmother passed away and I stormed out of class to be with relatives in Houston, TX. After learning about what happened, Joe messaged me his condolences through Facebook. After her funeral and Thanksgiving, finals came around and Joe asked to study together. A few study sessions later, he became my forever study buddy. Joe learned to open up and I learned to buckle down. We started getting to know one another during our Christmas break, and I’m sure that Joe was a gift sent from my grandmother up above.

Like a true gentleman, Joe asked for my parents permission to marry me. And he did just that on October 4, 2015. During one of our externships back in my home state of Florida, we visited my parents before they left for a two-week vacation in Vietnam. As I’m hugging my mom goodbye, I turn around to see Joe on bended knee. I said, “of course” and continued to cry as Joe checked his heart rate on his Fitbit, which read 116 beats/min.

Vendor love:
Event Coordinator – Diem Le
Event Location – St. Francis of Assisi
Preparation – Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel
Photographer – Studio Tran – Eric
Entertainment – DJ Loopy
Dress Design – Allure Bridals
Bridal shop – Lily’s Bridal Orlando Florida
Florist – Bella Blooms
Cake – O’Delice French Bakery
Reception – Panda King

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